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Original Release Date: August 24, 2013

Release Date: August 24, 2013

Copyright: 2013 LiquidJazz™

Total Length: 2:21:47

Significance – History – Projection

As you may know we, the Argentineans, have suffered enough bloody dictatorships which did not have started in 1976 but long before, in 1930. And I’ve never been able to bear with any kind of limits to our freedom, to my own freedom. I don’t recognize anybody with the moral or intellectual authority to tell me what to think or not to think, what to do or not to do, what to say or not to say in any circumstances, whenever I want to do it. I reject with all my strength any form of dogmatism. I am a so called “free thinker” (a little bit too “démodé” perhaps).

At the same time I must say that I hate any kind of discrimination by race, religion, sexual orientation, political ideology, etc. It looks aberrant to me.

When we believed that slowly we were turning back to democracy and the unlimited enjoyment of liberty, during President Illia’s administration, no matter that certain political proscriptions were still in effect (Peronista Party), a new “coup d'état” took place headed by General Onganía.

My anger, my rage at the brutal and messianic subjugation exercised so irrationally were unstoppable. Like a real “kamikaze” I cursed against the dictatorship in every media interview : newspapers, radio or TV shows.

And it was precisely in a TV program in which I’ve had the privilege of participate with a person whom his immense figure imposed huge respect and admiration : the great writer and political ideologue Arturo Jauretche, creator of the “Forja” group. It was him who, with strong, wise words, prompted me emphatically to translate to Music those feelings of mine.

I wrote, premiered and recorded my first Suite : “El Grito”. Just music; the work had no words. Nevertheless it produced a strong impact translated into a great number of media coverage.

The armed forces despotism continued even more bloody tan ever and then creating the conditions to a big social mutiny known as “The Cordobazo”, who make collapse the government but didn’t put an end to the dictatorship, which will continue for several years more.

For the second time I was deeply moved and I decided to write another work, this time with a text, with words that could perfectly reflect my feelings. I’ve had the great luck of been joined by a young but very good writer and poet, José Tcherkaski, who passionately agreed to the idea.

In those years of furious rebellion (1968-70) I was playing the so called “Free Jazz” (the style lead by Ornette Coleman) with three colleagues who I admired and were my friends : FERNANDO GELBARD (piano, sometimes flute), HORACIO “CHIVO” BORRARO (tenor sax) and CARLOS “POCHO” LAPOUBLE (drums). Them, like me, were imbued with the same rebellion plus a creativity that was close to real madness. Four individuals playing with absolute freedom but total coherence. Since the beginning I knew I was going to take the group as a primary protagonist of the work.

The Quartet plus the poem by José were meant to be the creative core over which I’ve built a full Jazz Orchestra plus a mixed Choir.

Al the musicians who have participated were professionals of renown. I was obviously unable to play the Bass and conduct the orchestra at the same time, so I asked my brother OSCAR LOPEZ RUIZ to do the conducting. He has composed an conducted lots of Film Scores and during 25 years he took part in all the groups of the great ASTOR PIAZOLLA. All said.

The complete cast :

The Narrators : Original in Spanish (1970) : José Tcherkaski
French narration (2013) : Loic Lombard
English narration (2013) : Kevin Johansen

The Quartet : Fernando Gelbard (piano-flute),
Horacio “Chivo” Borraro (tenor sax)
Jorge Lopez Ruiz (bass)
Carlos “Pocho” Lapouble (dums)

The Choir : Donna Caroll, Helen Jackson,
Alicia Varady, Ma. Eugenia Darré,
Mario Orliac, Julio Darré,
Roberto Aguirre.

Guest Artist : Santiago Giacobbe (organ)
Alfredo Remus (Electric Bass)
Enrique “Zurdo” Roizner (percussion)

Trumpets : Américo Belloto, Tomás Lepere,
S. D’Amico, Gustavo Bergalli,
Alfredo Mariconda, Domingo Mariconda

Trombones : Horacio Cusato, Gregorio Golinsky,
Jorge Pataro.

Reeds : Francisco “Paco” Freigido, Pompeyo Carlo,
Alberto Mizrahi.

Text Translation : Professor Norberto Gimelfarb
(French & English)

Additional Text translation &
Narrators Direction (2013) : Cecilia Lopez Ruiz

Recording + Mixing : Osvaldo Acedo , Estudios ION, Buenos Aires

Recording + Mixing (French and English text)
& Mastering (2013) : Pablo Lopez Ruiz

Cover Photography (1970): Nilo Silvestrone

To face, produce and finally release this project in the Argentina of those years was artistic and economically epic. For many years – and because that cruel dictatorship that cover us with mourn – was forbidden. The same occurred with “El Grito”; and the RCA Company burned the masters of Bronca’s continuation, called “Coraje Buenos Aires”, for fear of future retaliations.

Today, after more than 40 years, Bronca Buenos Aires has definitely recovered its freedom

And it is thanks to the efforts of my dear friend Fernando Gelbard, through the label, that it has been re-released all over the World.

I would like to thank all the people involved in this project. It was – and now it still is – a great privilege.

Jorge Lopez Ruiz
Buenos Aires, August 2013