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Original Release Date: September 15, 1987

Release Date: April 3, 2010

Copyright: 2010 LiquidJazz™

Total Length: 49:45

Frank Collett - piano
Monty Budwig - bass
Santo Savino - drums
Jon Pall - guitar (3,5,8)

Producer: Fernando Gelbard
Director of Engineering: Phil Sheridan
Recording Engineers: Phil Sheridan, Michael Boshears
Associate Producer: Mitchell Glickman
Recorded: December 15/ 16, 1986 at Sage & Sound Studios, Hollywood and
July 7, 1987 at Dave Pell Digital Studios, Hollywood
Re-mastering: Fernando Gelbard and Mark Vincent, Multi Media Music, Hollywood (2010)
Album Design: Fernando Gelbard
Coney Island Photos: Hugo Feliu (1986)
Portrait Photography: Lynda Sparks (1986)

It was 1973 and Carmen McRae was performing in my home town, Buenos Aires. For the last twenty years, my friends and I held jam sessions at Carlos Tarsia's home every Wednesday and Sunday. One Wednesday, as I enter the music room, I hear some incredible players. Jamming with my friends are Frank Collett, Monty Budwig, Donald Bailey (Carmen McRae's trio). I join them with my flute, and Frank and I meet.
I am very impressed with this piano player. He's got a touch of Wynton Kelly and Victor Feldman, but he is different with a swinging and tasteful harmonic style. We exchange hopeless phone numbers and ten years later, we bump into each other at a New American Orchestra party in Los Angeles. Since then, I've never let him go.
Fernando Gelbard

Just a few words of gratitude and appreciation to all the people involved in this project. First, my parents Guiseppe and Mary Taglieri, to whom this album is dedicated. Together they inspired me at an early age with the timeless beauty of music.
To Monty Budwig, with whom I've been playing together for many years. I treasure the time we spent recording two albums with the great Shelly Manne.
To the drummer in my present trio, Santo Savino, whose natural propulsion makes you want to play. To Fernando Gelbard, my many, many thanks and gratitude for opening this door for me. After we finished the Sam Most album, "Any Time, Any Season" also produced by Fernando, we spoke about this project -all originals with one co written by Fernando and myself. "Sparkles." Working with Fernando is a joy. He listens and supports your ideas. then he contributes his. Fernando's flute and piano playing have given him ears that are in tune as well. To Phil Sheridan, who achieved the mix on the trio exactly as I heard it. He is the consummate engineer. And to Lynda, who has been a real inspiration through many years, my deepest love and affection.
I Love You All !

Frank Collett